Cheerleaders on The Golf Course is a Must-See

Fridays are always good, right? That’s typically the day you get a paycheck, the weekend starts, you can sleep late, there are just so many great things about Friday. So if it is good already, throwing in a little freestyle action by the Houston Texans cheerleaders on a beautiful golf course would just make it that much more better I suppose. At least it’s my theory.

Those cheerleaders are on that golf course dancing away like they are at the world’s largest outdoor club. Gorgeous women, great dance moves, and pom-poms. It does not get any better than that… until you put all of that on a golf course, on Friday. I know, I know. It is almost too much to take in. Too much goodness at once. Try to breath normally. Think about your short game. You will make it through.

Speaking of making it, I’m not sure if any of these girls will go pro anytime soon, but that certainly does not seem to stop them from trying. A few times throughout they can be seen wielding clubs as best they know how. Some of them swing like barbarians and some swing like baseball players. A few of them actually have good form though and could probably make a decent golfer.

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Even if they never went Pro, I’m sure guys would turn out to see beautiful ladies tee off in high-heeled boots. It’s just a hunch. I think the golf industry is missing the boa