You Will Not Believe This First Pitch By Hooters Girl At Reds Game

This was a rare treat indeed. I’m sure most guys in the stands stopped singing take me out to the ballgame when they realized what was going on. This happened to be the opening pitch of the 2013 season for the Cincinnati Reds. They were playing the LA Dodgers. Of course, there is always someone present to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. Usually, they are someone noteworthy, sometimes even a celebrity.

Usually, the pitch is less than perfect and the players have to stretch, reach or dive to have any chance of catching the ball. With a Hooters girl making the first pitch, you might expect something worse. I’m not trying to pick on her at all, but Hooters girls are known for serving hot wings in hot attire, not for their baseball pitching skills. Usually they are featured explaining how to de-bone a chicken wing or, how to serve a beer, etc. Baseball pitching is not part of their repertoire.

But this girl is different. This is Miss Hooters International. Her name is Marissa Raisor, and she is a stunning beauty. Her long brown hair and brown eyes would certainly distract other players. Plus, with her kind of skill, the Reds might consider putting her on full-time as a clutch pitcher. I’m sure if it came up for a vote, the players would not be opposed!

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She would have to decline the offer though. She has other duties to fulfill. As it happens, being Miss Hooters International comes with a few responsibilities. For starters, you h