The Unsinkable Ship Shows Us What It Can Do

There are big boats, and there are big boats that do incredible things. At first glance, you might be tempted to think that this boat is sinking. It looks as if it is going to meet its watery demise. It is headed to Davy Jones Locker. It is swimming with the fishes. You get the point. Yet, take a closer look and a few oddities begin to affect your perception.

For one, there are a shipload (pun intended) of people on board who seem completely unconcerned that this 355 foot long military grade vessel is sinking. Second, there appear to be a few celebratory woops and yells from onlookers and the crew itself. That begs the question… What in the (insert word of choice) is going on here?? What you are actually looking at is a vessel known as FLIP. Owned by the United States Navy, the Floating Instrument Platform is designed to do exactly what you see. It weighs about 700 tons, and is designed to be used in conjunction with the Navy’s submarine program.

All of a sudden, the cat calls, woops and yells make more sense. So does the unconcerned demeanor of the ship and its crew. If this were a cargo ship, it would be an entirely different story. There would be panic, screaming, life rafts, and life vests flying all over the deck. Yet, this is sinking is all part of the plan. The really impressive part though, is the fact that it only sinks half of the vessel. To accomplish this, two main ballasts are filled with water.

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The weight tips the vessel, while the remainder of the ship remains buoyant. Once upright, it circles two or three times before it comes to a stop. Now that is a ride you would lo