The Most Unexpected Way to Catch a Shark

Few things in life can be more exciting than a great deep-sea fishing trip. There’s always that telltale tug on the line that lets you know you have something on the other end. It could be a minnow or a monster, but you have to reel it up to see. However, that’s not the case here. These are all monsters in the water.

This happened in Jardines de la Reina, Cuba. At first it looks like one shark on the end of the line, then it quickly morphs into something else entirely. When the camera dips under the water you see the full story. There are several large sharks swimming around, waiting for something nice to chew on. They are reef sharks, common place yes, but hungry none the less. No great whites, but still dangerous in their own right.

The shark on the end of the line attempts to get a bit too up close and personal. It crashes and kicks high out of the water and lands squarely on the side of the boat. Now, before you go into hero mode, telling me how you would wrestle that shark back into the sea, or pop it on the nose and toss it overboard, take a look at the captain and passenger’s response. They react. That’s it. They do it because that’s all they can do.

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There is not enough time. Everybody instinctively jumps backward. They jumped quicker than a kid jumped up from a dentist chair, and that kid can move fast. Yet, our reef shark ha