Survival Guide for the Woefully Unprepared

One thing that is really great about this tutorial is the lack of condescension when addressing this serious topic.  Experienced woodsmen and outdoorsmen can sometimes succumb to faulty assumptions about readiness and capabilities.  All it takes is one slip-up, though, and a day hike can go very awry. Below, John from YouTube channel “IntenseAngler”, discusses a short list of some things a person can do with minimal preparations to increase their odds of survival if they get lost in the woods.  Who knows what life will bring onto our doorsteps – or what doorsteps we may find ourselves thrust upon?  A few simple techniques, however, can mean the difference between a learning mistake and an unfortunate life lesson.

Communicating Plans Ahead of Time

“Let someone know where you are going and when you prepare to return.” – John, IntenseAngler. This one piece of simple information, relayed by text or a phone call, can mean the difference of life and death.  Generally, when someone goes missing, it takes days for their close friends and loved ones to even know if they haven’t been informed in advance. 

Most folks would assume that if someone drops off the face of the earth for a few days, he or she may just be very busy at work, irritable, or any number of other things.  The problem is when this realization dawns on those folks come the 48-72 hour mark.  And if you are lost in the woods, that time could seem like an eternity.

Leave Behind a Rough Itinerary

The wilderness can be a vast place to randomly search for a lone, lost wanderer.

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Life isn’t always what you prepare for – it’s how you adapt to what happens when those preparations fall through.  IntenseAngler and a few other channels are great sou