Rest in Pieces in First Place! Truck Breaks Apart and Still Finishes the Race

It’s not often you see a souped up truck lose a tire and still finish a race.  Yet, for this old Chevy K10 4 x 4, that’s exactly what happens.  RIP Mud racer sponsored by Lexington Burial Service ironically completes in death what it set out to do in life – tear up a new personal best for speed and high performance. The Thunder Valley Mudplex, in Neeses, SC, is where mud truck legends come to be born.  Under the adoring roar of fans lining all along multiple track events, specialty builders alongside first-timers take their modded trucks, ATVs, and bog hoppers through a brutal and unrelenting weekend event.  This annual summertime event has become a staple for South Carolinians and those looking to see odd feats of backyard engineering prowess.

Not Your Ordinary Chevy 4 x 4

While it is a bit tragic the Chevy RIP Mud Truck bought a one-way ticket to the mechanic’s bay with its torn-off wheel, it’s worth noting the transformation that took place to get this little old 1984-era Chevy 4 x 4 to its noteworthy performance.When Chevrolet came out with its K10 Scottsdale 4 x 4, it quickly became so popular for its rugged performance that it was inherited by the US Government as their M1008 light wheeled pick-up. 

Perfect for getting around in rough terrain, this truck quickly proved itself to be reliable asset for soldiers on base looking to support field operations.  Equipped with a 700R4 mild shift kit and a GM 350ci 5.7 L V8 engine, it was built ready for hard jobs.There’s been a bit of ambiguity as to where the GMC truck line ends and Chevy picked up during its 1978-1988 era of C/K builds.  However, one thing is certain – it’s an easy truck to work on and even easier to mod out for high performance mudding and racing.

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A couple noted differences between RIP and the usual Chevy K10 4 x 4 can be found first and foremost in its rev limiter.  Namely, the RIP Mud Truck doesn’t have one.  This