Powerful Country Gal Hauls Up a Grouper

Deidra Bridger of Missouri Country Hunter Bikini Girls, joins on with a professional sportsmen fishing expedition off the coast of Cape Coral, Florida. Now this is one country woman joining what’s commonly an “all man’s” sport and showing them how it’s done. How do? It’s good to note her technique is right on from the get-go. When hauling up a heavy Goliath grouper on a rope, arms and upper body will wear out no matter how much of a beast the fisherman trains to be. That’s why she’s using some great legs and abs technique to haul it up. Core muscles – they work twice as hard and last much longer than upper body musculature.

The world of professional sport fishing is predominantly fed by those with some impressive technology, ego, and drive. However, it’s been very much a sport characterized by a large number of men and not too many women. In the world of competitive bass fishing, for instance, Christina Bradley is a late bloomer to the sport and made some waves in the 63rd Southern Opens.

One of the main obstacles for women gaining international attention in the world of competitive angling and fishing comes down to qualifying for the Elite championships. While professional anglers like Janet Parker did some fantastic event runs in individual competitions, she fell short in 2011 of becoming a major contender in the invited anglers’ closed cup finals.

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It’s a surprisingly tough sell to go from merely spectating to getting involved. But it’s actually in your favor if you’re truly interested in the sport. Especially becaus