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truck race tire

Rest in Pieces in First Place! Truck Breaks Apart and Still Finishes the Race

It’s not often you see a souped up truck lose a tire and still finish a race.  Yet, for this old Chevy K10 4 x 4, that’s exactly what happens. …

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fishing pirrana

The Brave Way of Fishing for Piranhas on the Amazon

On the Amazon, piranhas are a common sight. Feared for their carnivorous appetite and fantastic sense of smell – everything from an open cut to a sudden fast movement can…

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drag car

Electric Powered Beetle Rips Across the Drag Strip

The Black Current III, as it’s called in the United Kingdom, first entered into the publics attention when it showed up to the Santapod Raceway. Appearing up at the starting…

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Australian Buggy

Off-Road Aussie Carbon Fiber Buggy Rips Through the Outback

Specialized fuel injectors, carbon fiber frame and a wrapped air intake – what’s not to love with Racer Engineering’s latest creation for the Australian Off Road Buggy races? The frame…

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truck races

Nissan Takes Aim at American Pick-Up Market – Do They Stand a Chance?

For years, the “chicken tax” has been an outdated import tariff imposed by the United States on European vehicle manufacturers of light-duty pick-up trucks.  It’s largely kept BMW and Mercedes…

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Dover Police Dance

Delaware Policeman Sure Knows How to ‘Shake It Off’

Seven Grammy awards and thirty-four Billboard Music Awards, Taylor Swift has a bit of a hold on American pop culture.  When a Dover police officer recently released this, however, her…

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Cornstarch Flamethrower

Baking a Cake? No! It’s a Corn Starch Flamethrower

It’s a common problem, really.  Sometimes folks walk into their pantry and see loads of dairy creamer and corn starch and marvel to themselves, “how am I going to get…

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Survival Tip

Survival Guide for the Woefully Unprepared

One thing that is really great about this tutorial is the lack of condescension when addressing this serious topic.  Experienced woodsmen and outdoorsmen can sometimes succumb to faulty assumptions about…

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Fire Starter

No Flint, No Stones – Making Fire from Scratch

Lighters, matches, kerosene?  We don’t need any of these.  Below, we have the privilege of seeing an Aboriginal bushman start a fire with little more than dried grass, a yarrow…

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Girl Football League

Most Amazing Football Play is a Must-See

Okay so most guys enjoy looking at hot women. Furthermore, most guys enjoy looking at hot woman doing amazing things. Here I bet it’s not exactly what you were expecting.…

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