Off-Road Aussie Carbon Fiber Buggy Rips Through the Outback

Specialized fuel injectors, carbon fiber frame and a wrapped air intake – what’s not to love with Racer Engineering’s latest creation for the Australian Off Road Buggy races? The frame for this pro sport buggy is made of sturdy high-grade steel.  This is a must as while carbon fiber is an extremely durable material, it’s not particularly good at load-bearing. However the envelope surrounding that steel is carbon fiber.  Alternately called graphite fiber, each strand composing these sheets is between 5 and 10 micrometers in diameter.  As a reinforcing polymer, it provides an ideal lightweight material which is very impact resistant.  Carbon fiber has a high strength-to-weight ratio with added emphasis on low weight.

Rocket Powered Small Block

While unfortunately not harnessing the unbridled coolness of jet power, Racer Engineering probably repurposed a Chevrolet small block 305 5.0 L V8 with the classic “Rocket V8” setup as the main driving force behind this buggy.  With a straight fed air intake with dust cover, this engine has more than enough power to carry this light weight sprinter to optimal speed.

From the ground up, this off-roading buggy was built for speed and agility.  Its carbon fiber exterior appears to be striated, meaning it’s not load bearing and thus wouldn’t hold up exceedingly well on rolls and flips that other buggies pull off effortlessly.  That’s why you can see the greatest emphasis was on getting to top speeds – not climbing sand dunes.

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Off road buggy races the likes of which take place all across Australia are certainly harrowing.  Plenty of crashes, spills, and high-octane maneuvering.  In many respects,