Most Amazing Football Play is a Must-See

Okay so most guys enjoy looking at hot women. Furthermore, most guys enjoy looking at hot woman doing amazing things. Here I bet it’s not exactly what you were expecting. So, what did you think of that? This is not your average high heels or bikinis fun. This does not feature sexy women laying all over a vehicle or posing next to some famous boxer. Nope, these ladies are all about football, and they are really good. If you plan on playing with them, you better be prepared.

A Break Down of the Play

This is the Legends Football League and the quarter back featured here is from the Atlanta Steam. Dakota Hughes, the quarterback, essentially saves a train wreck of a play, turning it into one of the best plays of the year. She skillfully tracks down a snap that is more than high, avoids the impending blitz rush, takes significant damage and yet somehow manages to deliver a touchdown. If this happened in the NFL, everybody would be on there feet screaming.

Well, I have news for you. When this happens in the LFL, the same thing occurs. You have to give credit where credit is due. It’s not easy to score a touchdown in football to begin with. From high school to college to the pros, it is just plain hard to get the ball into the end zone. And that is just if you are a guy. Throw in the fact that you are female, and are essentially running around with nothing more than pads and underwear covering your bottom; and that makes the play much more impressive. These ladies are the real deal. They work and train hard at each and every practice. They do not give up and he word “No” is not in their vocabulary. They have heart. That is what makes them so much fun.

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Any of these women could hold their own in a match up with normal guys. However, that’s not how the league started. Originally, it was created as a halftime diversion for the Su