Here’s a Can’t Miss Charter Fishing Fail

This is what happens when you have one of your friends trying to be funny while out on a charter fishing trip. This was caught from experience out of Montauk, New York, which is a very popular sport fishing destination. In fact, they play host to the state’s largest fleet of fishing charter businesses. Many anglers flock to this fisherman’s paradise in search of bass, fluke, tuna, and shark.

This fellow purportedly hooked a nice striped bass, yet the bass has the last word, and speaks definitively. However, let’s back up a bit. Did you read the part up above where I mentioned that Montauk is home to the largest fishing fleet in the state? Do a quick search and see how many charter fishing outfits pop up. You will be surprised.

That being the case, you would think that this fellow would have bought a vowel and solved the puzzle, even though Pat and Vanna are not around. Obviously, with so many fishing charter businesses, there must be a fair amount of fish in “them there waters”, right? Well, even though that seems to be the case, somebody failed to fill this guy in. In less than a second, the striped bass snatches the rod right out of the would-be fisherman’s hand.

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Now, we have all had our share of deep-sea fishing mishaps for sure, however, seeing a rod fly out of your hand that probably cost more than your car payment each month is no laug