Ford Lessons Learned – 2006 Ford GT vs. 2016 Ford GT

We decided to include this spectacle of a very proud 2006 Ford GT owner showing his vehicle to a crowd of eager onlookers.  The 2006 Ford GT turned into a surprisingly good vehicle for a number of reasons – improved handling, fuel efficiency, and acceleration were all great things to place into the hands of race car enthusiasts.  However, to be honest, the automotive world felt there were some major shortcomings to this model. Enter the 2016 Ford GT. 

Showcased at the recent 2015 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, it’s short appearance gave us all a glimmer of hope as it appeared, at least on the exterior, that Ford sought to correct previous design issues in an aggressive and creative way. The GT is Ford’s quintessential top-of-the-line pro-racer platform.  And while it has always received fantastic reviews in terms of performance and handling, previous design features incorporated into the 2006 model will be highlighted to show how the 2016 has evolved over the past decade.

What’s New about the GT

Two major design features that were highlighted in Detroit’s North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) were the new carbon ceramic brakes and carbon fiber body panels.  As discussed in some previous articles, carbon fiber panels are a great way to reduce weight without sacrificing tensile strength.  And for the first time, Ford if releasing a mainline vehicle with carbon fiber – which will inevitably make those materials more available to the general market and at a lower price point.  Even if you hate the Ford GT, this is a great thing. The carbon ceramic brakes is a necessity with the improved engine designs and greater power.  Newly designed ceramic brakes are a decidedly great departure from the traditional ceramic plates used before.  More stopping power and better handling is always great when your vehicle is in the same running class as the McLaren P1 and Porsche 918.

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The old 427 V8 is gone.  There are more than a few Ford enthusiasts out there which will shed a silent tear at this powerful, high performance engine.  However, the 427 trul