E-Revo Blasts Apart a Watermelon

Who doesn’t love a great fruit salad? There’s nothing nicer on a warm summer day. But it’s always such a pain to split melons into such small pieces. Thankfully, remote control car enthusiasts have yet another reason to get excited about the Traxxas E-Revo monster truck car. It slices, it dices, it pulverizes this watermelon in this exciting spectacle showing off the versatility and durability of this brushless motor RC truck. Best of all, the E-Revo flips up in the air and recovers admirably well. Traxxas sure didn’t spare a thing in designing a rugged off-road RC racer truck right at home running with the big dogs.

From the chassis to the power design, Traxxas put a lot of emphasis on making a remote control monster truck that was able to take a beating and keep on trucking. Would we expect anything less? One of the factors that has placed Traxxas remote control vehicles ahead of the competition is its incorporation of a brushless electric motor. Powered by either super sturdy NiMH battery packs or an optional Lithium ion (LiPo) upgrade, it’s made for pure speed and acceleration.

It’s one of the reasons why RC enthusiasts have picked the E-Revo for:

• Off-road dirt and mud adventures
• Racetrack style RC racer events
• Rugged snow drifting
• Competition RC vehicle derbies

Heck, one RC enthusiast even captured his Traxxas E-Revo running up against a rattlesnake. Just be glad it’s a remote camera!

RC Modding Tips for Pros

Because there is such a community built up behind the E-Revo, there is a lot of support from those who want to equip their E-Revo monster truck for more progressive obstacles and courses. One of the best simple mods out there is how to better control (decrease) the wheelie factor. Because E-Revo’s come equipped with an extremely powerful brushless motor and some terrifyingly powerful battery packs, it has a tendency to flip into a wheelie when it accelerates too quickly.

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The main culprit in wheelies are the shocks and suspension. Because Traxxas designed this 1:10 and 1:8 scale monster truck to take some pretty gravity defying leaps, there is a l