Delaware Policeman Sure Knows How to ‘Shake It Off’

Seven Grammy awards and thirty-four Billboard Music Awards, Taylor Swift has a bit of a hold on American pop culture.  When a Dover police officer recently released this, however, her music took on a whole new light.  Despite the limited confines of his police cruiser, Master Corporal Jeff Davis of the Dover, Delaware police department was still able to ‘shake it off’ to the amusement of YouTubers and Dover residents.

While Dover PD is claiming that this was just a well orchestrated public relations move to show a lighter side of their police force, there’s at least some credit due to the wild dance moves of 19-year veteran Davis. When approached by USA Today, Officer Davis claims it was all in good fun.  It’s hilarious to see how he manages to sync up the lyrics perfectly and carry the tune to a whole new connotation.

“I stay out too late, got nothing on my brain,” Officer Davis mimes as he jovially scans his surroundings.  “That’s what people say.  That’s what people say.  Mmmm-mmmm.” Overall, Dover residents commented that they were happy to see a lighter side.  Perhaps it’s overdue with all the hard press and national spotlight on police practices.

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While often called upon to act as the first line of defense and to serve and protect residents of Dover, local Delaware police still like to accentuate that they are indeed people