Hennessey VelociRaptor 600 Takes on a Stock F-150 Raptor

Once upon a time, Ford built a baja-ready F-150 SVT that put out 411 hp and equipped with a highly capable 4 wheel drive.  That day ended with the new…

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Rest in Pieces in First Place! Truck Breaks Apart and Still Finishes the Race

It’s not often you see a souped up truck lose a tire and still finish a race.  Yet, for this old Chevy K10 4 x 4, that’s exactly what happens. …

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Nissan Takes Aim at American Pick-Up Market – Do They Stand a Chance?

For years, the “chicken tax” has been an outdated import tariff imposed by the United States on European vehicle manufacturers of light-duty pick-up trucks.  It’s largely kept BMW and Mercedes…

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