Baking a Cake? No! It’s a Corn Starch Flamethrower

It’s a common problem, really.  Sometimes folks walk into their pantry and see loads of dairy creamer and corn starch and marvel to themselves, “how am I going to get rid of all of this?”  No?  Doesn’t apply?  Well, for mad amateur engineer Ivan Owen – this is precisely the problem he set to fix with a homemade flamethrower powered off of – you guessed it – corn starch.

While most folk usually see things like corn starch and powdered non-diary creamer as just ingredients which lay about until they’re needed – Ivan Owen sees potential.  Mr. Owen has been making a name for himself creating odd gadgetry like mechanical hulk fists and Chihuahua mobility scooters so it shouldn’t be any surprise that when left with an overabundance of corn starch, he would naturally build an impressive flamethrower.

Flamethrower Pow(d)ered by Novel Fuel Source

Recipes for homemade flamethrowers on YouTube is, unsurprisingly, relatively common – and dangerous.  With variations that use items such as repurposed Super Soakers and squirt guns to full out replicas of old WWII style combat flamethrowers, most come with a pretty predictable pattern from start to finish. With some rather novel exceptions such as this kid from California and UK’s own notorious pyromaniac Colin Furze, most of the plans online are downright dangerous to replicate. Owen’s plan is equally so but he manages to take a new twist on an old arson favorite. He’s exploiting the relatively untalked about phenomena of corn starch and non-dairy creamer flammability.

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While most of us merely see that old powdered substance about the work place cafeteria, untouched an unused, Owen manages to figure out a way to harness it’s combustibility to m